Power of Presence

As I sat outside my Uncle Jim’s hospice room, I talked to many people who came to say their goodbyes – they were colleagues, golfing buddies, and of course family. As I sat with them in the waiting room, I…

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Motion Making Basics

gray newton s cradle in close up photogaphy

Ack! You’ve got your first meeting coming up and you haven’t the slightest clue about making a motion! Not to worry. While advance motion making can be complex, most people and meetings don’t operate at that level. So, let’s go…

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Hierarchy of Documents

stairs sky person red

Documents, documents and more documents! There are so many important documents that guide a non-profit, but what if there’s conflict between them? Well, firstly, there shouldn’t be, but if there is, then default to the hierarchy! You may find the…

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Managing the Big Ideas

people in the office discussing a project

As the Executive Director, President, or lead volunteer, you are regularly approached by people with “good ideas” that the association should take on. Managing these requests are essential to avoid mission creep but to also avoid squashing enthusiasm. The idea…

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